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Tiny Tots Day Care Services is a childcare center where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace and is designed to provide a smorgasbord of scholastic adventures and recreational activities that enable children to discover and develop a life-long love of learning. We provide a safe, clean environment that is instrumental in enhancing mental, physical, social, and emotional growth. We strongly believe that when children are given the foundations of early education and develop a positive self-image at an early age, they CAN and WILL be successful for life.

This center is a model center of quality in childcare and education. We believe that children learn by “doing” and thrive emotionally, socially, physically, and cognitively when they are actively engaged with their environment. Our main objective is to foster a desire for learning within each child by providing a safe environment that is optimized for happiness and growth.

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Our mission is to provide safe, affordable, quality childcare services and support families in their efforts to work and/or attend school; and create fortified bonds between the children & families, families & teachers, and with teachers and the community we serve.

The goals of our curriculum are multi-faceted and encourage children to be enthusiastic, self-confident, independent learners. Tiny Tots strives to always meet and/or exceed the following goals:

  • Social – Help children learn from adults and one another by observation, imitation, and interaction.
  • Emotional – Provide a safe and secure environment where children can develop pride, self-confidence, independence, self-control and a positive attitude toward life.
  • Cognitive – Promote curiosity and help children acquire learning skills, such as the abilities to solve problems, make choices, ask questions and express their ideas, observations, and feelings.
  • Physical – Help children develop and enhance their small and large muscle skills and feel confident and comfortable with their own bodies.

Our method of teaching is a “hands-on” approach. Children, like most people, learn easiest and have more fun when they learn through their senses and by experiences. We present information through games and activities which involve the child. Your child may not necessarily bring home a paper or craft every day; please understand that does not mean “they did nothing” at daycare that day. What it means is that the child is a participant, not just an observer, and is involved in a variety of creative learning activities.

Meet Our Staff

Our dedicated staff are the face of Tiny Tots!
Our teachers work closely with our children to ensure that each child is treated fairly and
has the same opportunities as other students to learn and play.



Our Director is responsible for providing a safe and developmentally appropriate daycare program for children between the ages of six (6) weeks and 12 years old in accordance with all relevant legislation, policies and procedures mandated by ODJFS.




Our Administrator is responsible for supervising and/or assisting in daily operations, activities, arts & crafts, music, preparing meals & snacks, play time and nap time. She plans the daily lessons, projects, and occasional off-campus field trips.

Assistant Administrator

Assistant Administrator

Assistant Administrator

Our Assistant Admin is responsible for assisting the Administrator with the supervision of the children in the daily operations, activities, arts & crafts, music, preparing meals & snacks, play and nap time. She also participates in the planning of daily lessons and field trips.

Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

Lead Teacher

The Lead Teacher plans educational activities in accordance with curriculum objectives at Tiny Tots. Additionally, she is responsible for the overall management of her assigned classroom and with reporting the progress of each student to their parents/guardians.

Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

The Assistant Teacher is responsible for assisting the Lead Teacher in the management of the classroom. Additionally, she keeps all appropriate records such as student attendance, child property inventory and maintains daily open communication with parents/guardians.

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide

The Teacher Aide is especially supportive in reinforcing the teachers’ instruction taught in the classroom as well as performing clerical work. She is tasked with going over lessons with the students individually, answering their questions or grading assignments.

Experience Our Interactive

“Hands-on” Approach

Children, as most adults, learn easiest and have more fun when they learn through their
senses and by experiences. We present information through games and activities which
involve the child and stimulate the mind.

Robust Caregiver
Recruitment Process

Completed Prior to Employment
Our recruitment process encompasses many different requirements and procedures ranging from performing health & safety checks, to drug screening and extensive background checks.

Comprehensive Child
Monitoring & Tracking

The All-In-One Platform For Daycares & Families
The Brightwheel© application provides parents & guardians with a real-time feed of daily comprehensive assessment, reports, notifications, updates and much more.

Clear & Open
Communications Channels

Maintaining Open Communication With Families
We firmly believe in the need for open and thorough communication between teachers and each family to provide loving care for each child and confidence for each parent.

Providing a Clean & Safe
Learning Environment

Ensuring The Health & Safety of Each Child
The well-being and security of the children and our staff are an absolute priority at our center. Our teachers are alert, anticipate possible hazards and take appropriate preventative measures.

Professional Development Planning Process

A Curriculum That Enables Intellectual Growth
We maintain a detailed daily schedule of activities for each age group under our care that is structured to provide predictability for children but flexible enough to allow for the unexpected.

Implementing Family-Style Methodologies

Love, Support, Care, Guidance, and Nurture
Our center promotes love, support, and guidance. We strive to have the lessons learned at Tiny Tots be reinforced in your home; and the values you place in your children at home, be reinforced with us.

Our Gallery

Dive into the Tiny Tots Photo Gallery!
Bellow you’ll find some pictures from the many educational activities and adventures
the children partake in here at Tiny Tots.
Benefits of

Childcare Services

We recruit only the most qualified, well-educated and loving childcare professionals to join our staff. If you’re interested in making a tremendous impact on our children’s lives, contact us today! Together, can turn the educational process into a great and fun holiday for each child.

  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Nurturing Personality & Qualities
  • Child Monitoring & Assessments
  • Five years of experience
  • Kind and Patient
  • Have a love for teaching
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Tiny Tots is the epicenter of learning, growth, and creativity and our primary goal is to help the children in our care grow up happy, healthy and with an unquenchable love of learning. We provide great childcare services at a reasonable price! Don’t delay, enroll your child today!

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We provide great childcare services at a reasonable price! Don’t delay, enroll your child today!

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