Infant Parents

Infant Parents please read your child’s daily report. Daily reports will be emailed complements of Brightwheel. If you prefer a live copy please notify your child’s teacher and make sure you fill out the top portion. Your children will need no less than 5 diapers a day. We are required to change infants every 2 hours upon their arrival time or last home diaper change. You can also bring in a sleeve of diapers, the teacher will notify you when low. Each infant needs a full pack of wipes. The wipes are used for diaper changing, hands, and face. If you bring in a 1/3 of wipes, they will be gone by day two. When you purchase wipes that don’t clean properly, more is used to clean the child’s body. For the younger infants’ wipes are used to eliminate the use of hand soap to prevent allergic reactions. We can only use what you bring in. Remember, what you do at home we cannot do. We must abide by the STATE RULES AND REGULATIONS. Each infant child needs 3 full changes of clothing.

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