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Parents again, walk you, preschoolers, to their classrooms. Each preschooler needs a full change of clothing and a paint shirt. The paint shirt is your preference. It will eliminate your child from exploring colors on their nice clothes. Preschoolers are always learning something new and ready to share. Take the time to observe their classroom at the end of the day. Ask them about what you see on the walls. Please reframe from allowing your children to bring toys to school Monday – Thursday. On Friday we will have share day. The share toy must be small enough to fit in their cubbies, or it cannot stay. Preschoolers require a blanket for a nap. The blanket must be small enough to fit on a cot during and after a nap, with no comforters, and no pillows. All blankets are to be taken home at the end of the week and washed. Please don’t return dirty blankets, it’s unsanitary.

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