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Toddler children are to have two full changes of clothing. Toddlers need 4 pull-ups daily, if they are in the beginning stages of potty training they will require 6. The teacher will notify you if your child is low at the end of the day. These children are changed every two hours or when wet. Toddler children are taken to the restroom after every meal and before and after outside time. If potty training potty time is around the hour marker. Toddler children need to be walked to their classroom so that they can put their belongings away. By walking the children to their rooms, they learn responsibility and you encourage them on literacy. You encourage literacy by helping them find their name. If the children aren’t to the point where they recognize their name, they can turn to you for encouragement. When the teacher helps them, it’s only to reinforce the literacy.

If you bring in items needed for the child, YOU are to place them in their cubby. This will eliminate you leaving items in the infant room. The Infant room is for 0-18 months and the Toddler room is 18 months-2 ½ years old. Please take your child’s soiled clothing/blankets home at the end of the day. This means that when you pick your child up in the evening, go to their class and check their cubbies. Don’t be afraid to take the artwork, we made it just for you! Please make sure your child’s physical is up to date and have to weather appropriate clothing. We go outside temperature permitting. Children are required to have an hour of daily outside time per the state. Toddlers require a blanket for a nap, no pillows.

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