Complete Changes of Clothes

This consist of shirts, pants, socks, and undershirts if it’s your preference. All infants need FORMULA, no other diary supplement will be considered or taken UNLESS YOU HAVE A DOCTORS NOTE. If your child is a jar eater, they need stage one/two foods. Each child has a cubby with their name on it, all items you bring in at drop off are to be housed in their cubby and the teacher will label and separate later. When several children arrive back to back it’s total confusion to a new staff member and can be overwhelming to a current staff member. By placing your child’s items IN THEIR CUBBY, you can eliminate this. Infants are to arrive dry or it will be your duty to change them. Please make sure that you clean the changing area before you leave if you use it. Please take children out of car seats and hand the child to their teacher. There are no diaper bags to be left at Tiny Tots.

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